Shake That Booty – What Were They Thinking

More than the title, “Shake that Booty” my problem with the song is that they chant “twerk, twerk, twerk” as an anthem over and over in the song and NOT A SINGLE person in the song even attempts to twerk because NO ONE in this song can dance.

Shake That Booty featuring Mika Singh and Sunny Leone, is basically all that is wrong in Indian songs. Taking words that are “in” and throwing in a sexy girls does not make for a hit song. The song is ridiculous on so many levels, I can’t even began. First off, the item girl, as gorgeous as she is, cannot dance at all. Miss Leone, Mika is begging you to “shake shake shake” that booty the ENTIRE song (those are basically the only lyrics) and all the poor girl can do is thrust out her chest over and over. At least focus on the right body part people! Choreography is a big part of an item song and this one is a fail!

I’ve never been a fan of Mika’s voice but he’s somehow sung some of my favorite party songs (Subah Honay Na De and The Tooh Song, I’m looking at you), however there is no charm and charisma here and not even auto tune can save it. The beat is sub par at best, I actually laughed when I saw it on my screen.

The only good thing about he song is that Sunny Leone as always, looks beautiful… but her beauty cannot save you from this one! My opinion…Malaika Arora Khan is STILL the reigning Queen of item songs!


Kill Dil Trailer Review

Before I even start, let me just let everyone know I have been looking forward to this one for MONTHS…and I am not disappointed at ALL!! Welcome back Chichi Bhaiya and with big open arms!! Not only do I love love love the comraderie that Ranveer Singh and Ali Zafar have shared off screen, I haven been floored by the multiple dedications and Odes-to-Govinda that Ranveer has done…to have it all in one movie…well its a treat for the sore eyes.

Shaad Ali’s Kill Dil not only has Govinda in his first ever (?) negative role, but it also gets Pari to shed her bubbly girl-next-door avatar, and step into the role of a bar dancer (on a side note, Bollywood sure is loving their bar dancers lately… PC in Gunday, Pari here and Deepika in Happy New Year). Govinda has all his Chichi-swag and then some and better yet he has the boys doing it too, right down to the head shakes we associate best with him! I cannot wait to see the dancing of this movie, which I am sure will have me squealing like the fan-girl that I am. The boys are all caught up in their bromance and have nice shiny guns to play with as well!

Just like in Ram Leela, it is Ranveer’s line that caught my interest the most in this trailer “Main tabse gun chala raha hoon, jab tu apne Maa ke andar nahi, apne baap ke andar tha”. Props to the screenwriter and the audience who has come to accept such lines!

Do not forget to go to theaters November 14th and check out Kill Dil!

kill dil 1

Dawat-e-Ishq Trailer Review

As anyone who knows me knows, the way to my heart is through my stomach, especially if that food is garma garam Galebis which is exactly what Aditya Roy Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra’s upcoming movie Dawat-e-Ishq did! Not only am I eagerly awaiting this movie because these two are talent mines, but the movie is all about food…or so the trailer keeps telling you.

The movie is written and directed by Habib Faisal and produced by YRF Studios by Aditya Chopra, so we know its going to be worth watching. Pari plays the role of a Hydrababi girl while Adi is a Lakhnawi chef. I am especially interested in Adi’s portrayal of Tariq, which is so different from any character he has played so far. I must (once again), hope that Parineeti surprises us and this is different than her usual quirky loud-mouthed, bindaas girl-next-door act, though from the trailer, it seems to me, she will be playing one of her usual roles.

In the first few minutes, the trailer deals with dowry and bribery, two cold topics before treating the audience with bright Lakhnawi scenery and a bubbly song. True to his roots as a cook, Adi presents his new love with a cauliflower instead of a real flower, but perhaps he should have shelled out and bought a real bouquet because we see our heroine sneaking out with a bag unto a train as a brokenhearted Adi screams “Dhokebaaz” (traitor) after her.

Is Pari running from true love or is she stealing to fulfill the aforementioned dowry requirement? One will have to wait til September 19th to find out. I wish both Pari and Adi the best of luck. The last time I really loved a “simple” YRF lovestory was Band Baaja Baraat, though I don’t think this will be able to match up, I am hoping it does somewhere in the ballpark.

dawat e ishq

Bang Bang the Teaser Trailer

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif have had all of B-town and its fans excited for quite a while with talks of Bang Bang, directed by Siddharth Anand. As we are all aware it is a remake of Hollywood’s Knight and Day, and even though we know the plot we all want to see what Duggo and Kat can bring to the screen.

While B-town Celebs themselves seemed to be bowled over by the acting and dancing, from even the likes of the elusive Aamir Khan going as far as to tweet “love the shot of Hritik come shooting out of the water with guns pointing! Cant wait for 2nd Oct!”

I myself am not as impressed. It seems like just another Bollywood movie, filled with stunts and actions. While they look very impressive, and more on the scale of Hollywood then say… a Rohit Shetty explosion, I didn’t get much more out of the trailer. Katrina has the same expression, though I love the scene where she flips on the bike to start shooting.

I am going to predict that this movie will be a huge hit, as most of Ms. Kaif’s films are, though it won’t have much to do with her acting, nor the story. Hrithik, really is much more talented than the roles he has been taking up, and I would love to see him in something like Guzarish or Zindagi Na Milay Gi Dubara. Kat has proved however that she may be the go to action girl for movies like this after Ek Tha Tiger and the super success of Dhoom 3. My love for Hrithik prays that there is more to the film that the trailer showed. If nothing else, the scenery will be amazing, as the movie has been shot in a number of locations, including Thailand, Greece and Abu Dhabi.

Don’t forget to check out the movie, October 2nd!
bang bang

Ranveer Singh to go BALD for Bajirao Mastani

ranveer b
As reported earlier Ranveer Singh has bagged Sanjay Leela’s coveted role of Bajirao Peshwa opposite Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra in Bajirao Mastani.

Rumors have it that Ranveer will be going bald for the role!!! I can hardly believe it, Ranveer Singh with his luscious locks… but this boy is known for his various looks from Band Baaja’s Bittu to Lootera’s Varun to RamLeela’s Ram to Kabir in Dil Dhadakne Do, I am sure if anyone can pull of versatility it is Ranveer.

Along with going bald, Ranveer is also to learn Marathi and how to ride a horse. No one has ever accused this boy of shirking from work.

Along with his leading lady he will be learning the art of Kathak. While Deeps also immerses herself in learning Kalaripayattu, one of the ancient Indian martial arts form.

I for one cannot wait for this movie. The actors seem like they have a LOT of hard work ahead of them, but SLB has chosen some of the most skillful and talented workers in all of B-Town.

ranveer c

Alia Bhatt’s Rendition of Samjhawan

First Alia Bhatt surprised the world with her acting talent in Highway, now get ready to hear her sing in Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, releasing July 11th.  It’s a sweet rendition of the song originally sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and more recently by Arijit Singh.

There will obviously be comparisons to Shraddha’s Galiyan but both girls have their own style and I want to commend them both on taking the risk.

Can’t wait for the movie to come out!


Cast of Finding Fanny on Finding Fanny

Although the movie isn’t set to hit the screens until September 12, the trailer comes out TOMORROW (July 9th, 2014!!) The cast of Finding Fanny are here to tell you why YOU should watch the trailer in a new PR move?

I personally found it adorable and endearing. While both Deepika and Arjun tweeted the looks of their characters last week, audience can get the feel of the rest of the main cast before the trailer comes out, in the form of Nasreenuddi Shah, Pankaj Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the chemistry between Arjun and Deeps, maybe its because of my all time favorite “rumored” pairing of Deepika-Ranveer but I see friendship there, however they played it off adorable. That pout… ufff

Finding Fanny hits theaters September 12 and the trailer is out tomorrow!

finding fanny


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