Koffee With Karan Season 4; Emraan Hashmi and Mahesh Bhatt

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This is perhaps the season of newcomers on the Koffee Couch and this week was no exception as Karan spiced this up with erotica film maker Mahesh Bhatt and his nephew the “serial kisser” Emraan Hashmi

In what was perhaps the most blunt Koffee interview ever, Bhatt Sahab and Emraan told all and Karan didn’t have to pull leg. Mahesh Jee even volunteered information about his extra-marital affair with the deceased star Parveen Babi and how her schizophrenia effected him, his life and his career. He was very honest, not really giving credit to his genius but rather comparing his life to that of a stray dog who just happened to find his way, quite in opposition to Emraan, for whose success he takes full credit for.

Emraan start on to put off rumors that he is not the sleazy player that a lot of his characters are and most of his persona is only because that is what the public demands of him. He, like is Uncle is very blunt, when he speaks of his marriage life and (and how each role ends up with him taking his wife on shopping sprees that ends up in 7 digit spendings).

Both seemed laid back, on the fringes and unaware from B-town; neither attending parties; Emraan going as far as to say he does not even watch movies. While they did come of sounding a lot less full of themselves and less taken over by the film world than a lot of the celebs who have come over for tea, at times, one did get the image of arrogance, but who would blame them. Throughout the show Mahesh Jee kept reminding Emraan to be thankful to him for all he is and that it was Mahesh Bhatt who brought Emraan where he is today.

Nice cameo by Alia Bhatt, which was expected.

The real talk of the episode of course was the Rapid Fire Round; I think it may be safe to say that they’re replaced Sonam and Deepika as the RFR ice queens. Though this was the best RFR on the show this season, theirs WAS much longer and the questions given were way more interesting than the ones Karan has been asking his mainstream crowd.

Of course the ones that have everyone talking is Mahesh Bhatt calling Kajol and Sanjay Leela Bhansali overrated. Emraan calling Aishwaiya “plastic” and saying that Malika Sherawat needs an “Idiot’s Guide on How to Survive in Bollywood”, that his best kiss was with Jacqueline and worst with Malika (the one that got him his title). His answers were funny, going after everyone’s wives but SRK, does he have something against Ranbir? (can reader confirm anything?) as he took a few jibes at him throughout the show, with saying Barfi is the movie he could have done better acting in and that Rockstar is a movie he wouldn’t watch as RK is in it.

Overall a great episode, definitely will be in top 5 of the season, as it actually had material. I like that Karan is branching out and calling people that are outside of his camp and cannot wait to see Shahid and Sonakshi next week, Shahid has always had some of my favorite Koffee episodes!

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